Goodweather is a design and custom fabrication studio specializing in modern  architectural millwork, furniture and fixtures as well as exhibition design and implementation for art galleries and museums.  Goodweather embodies the belief that innovative design is both a material and intellectual process vital to contemporary culture and aspires to provide its clients with objects and spaces that convey a sense of authenticity, sophistication, and fulfillment. 

Projects have been featured in exhibitions at the Vancouver Art GalleryThe Charles H. Scott Gallery and in publications such as  Cabinet Magazine, (New York), Canadian Architect (Toronto), Pidgin Magazine (Princeton Architectural Press), and Front Magazine (Western Front Gallery).

Work by the studio has also appeared in major newspapers including The Globe and Mail,  The Vancouver Sun and on news networks such as Global TV and CBC, as well as on popular blogs which include ArchDailyDesignBoom, and The Creators Project.  Goodweather is especially honoured to have had work recommended via the Canadian Center for Architecture web portal.