⊸ QR Beach Fire

///// (2010)
Concept for an interactive fibre-optic light installation at Iona Beach, near Vancouver BC.

Between 2000 and 2001 designated beach fire pits around the city of Vancouver were destroyed and fires on the beach made illegal. A division-chief from the fire department was quoted in the city weekly newspaper saying “[The fire pits] were too popular... Too much of the community came down to the beach.” This neutralization of one of the city’s most unique natural public spaces was for many Vancouverites regrettable, and sadly all too familiar.

The QR-Beachfire project seeks to reactivate nightlife at the beach and draw users into an interactive game of civic lighting. The QR Beachfire is activated when a user finds and scans one of many QR codes hidden amongst the beach rocks thus causing fibre optic cables knit amongst the rocks to light up. Single or multiple users can control the timing and intensity of the lights as they engage in a game of interactive light patterns and sequences. While it may no longer be possible to roast wieners and make ‘smores, perhaps a fireside song might still be heard on a balmy star-studded summer night around a QR-Beachfire.