If you are passionate, polite, clean (but don't mind getting a bit messy), enjoy working with your hands and your mind, please read on.

We are just at the beginning of our journey in business and wish to cultivate a team of talented individuals who have as much integrity as enthusiasm and who are passionate about architecture, design and building.

We are always delighted to receive interesting CVs. Ideally, you have some experience in both design and building, you are comfortable with power tools and have a sharp eye for detail - however, you may have other talents or skills that you think would serve our team. Be sure to tell us why you think that working at Goodweather might make a difference to both you and to us. We need to know that you want to work with us, not that you just want a job.

We will want to talk to you on the telephone before we meet you, and we might ask you to prepare a brief presentation on a passion, obscure topic, or to bring something you have made with you.

If in the interview we sense a good fit, we will ask you to spend a trial day or two with us. If it still feels like a good fit after this initial stage, we will agree on a longer trial period (usually 3 months) during which both you and we can assess if the chemistry really works.

So if you think you may be a good fit, please get in touch. We are interested in building a team of passionate and talented individuals who can grow with us on the exciting journey in design and building ahead.