Fundamental to our practice is an emphasis on fabrication as a creative process.

While not a new idea, our bias towards an integration of design and making results in projects that would not be possible by other means. We are a group comprised of designers from various educational backgrounds that include architecture, industrial design and traditional craft. We move comfortably between design and fabrication and this is the basis of our business.

We understand professionalism.

We work with architects, curators, engineers, cost consultants, code consultants and trades on a regular basis and have a strong respect for the value each brings to a project. We work hard to make sure that all parties involved get the information they need when they need it to ensure that decisions are being made in light of all the issues that may be at play.

We have been recognized locally and internationally for the creativity we bring to projects.

Our projects have been featured in exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery, The Charles H. Scott Gallery and in publications such as Cabinet Magazine, (Brooklyn, New York), Canadian Architect (Toronto), Pidgin Magazine (Princeton Architectural Press), and Front Magazine (Western Front Gallery). Work has also appeared in major newspapers including The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and on major news networks such as CNN, Global TV and CBC TV, as well as on popular blogs which include ArchDaily, DesignBoom,, Behance, and The Creators Project. Goodweather is especially honoured to have had work recommended via the Canadian Center for Architecture web portal.



We design and build the majority of our projects. However, we are also able to work with your architect or designer to develop a project and assist in the preparation of the appropriate documentation or digital model for specialized fabrication.

From millwork to metalwork, lighting, signage, furniture, upholstery, concrete or composite materials; we either possess the skills or know someone who does to get the project done.

Our unique breadth of skills and depth of experience place us in an ideal position to plan and coordinate your project with precision and momentum to ensure it comes to fruition smoothly and with the right team in place. We understand the challenges involved in closing a complex project on a tight timeline or budget and are able to provide valuable services that make this aspect as seamless as possible.