Gulf Islands British Columbia
Private Commission



Small House Designs



Between 1947 and 1974 the Central Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) of Canada invited Canadian architects from across the country to produce high quality yet affordable house designs for a rapidly growing population. Beloved to many, what were once the childhood homes of the generation under 50, are now homes to their children.

In this project, we have set out to retrace and redouble the efforts of these earlier initiatives. At a moment when economic recession has dampened outlooks for young North Americans, the question of affordable housing seems to have been curiously divorced from issues of quality and adequacy, let alone function and beauty. As a response to this condition, we are 'renovating' a selection of small house designs from the 1958 CMHC catalogues in what is both a design exercise as well as an engaged form of research.

Shed / Light

Kaleden, British Columbia
Private Commission



This rural studio situated in the Okanagan Valley will remain entirely off-the-grid. The design emerged from a palette of reclaimed materials collected on the property that included 40 year old orchard crates, barn timbers, floor boards from the local school gymnasium, and a door from a turn-of-the-century San Francisco sailor's bar that mysteriously made its way north.

The design responds to the various, and often competing aspirations of a young family who have embarked on a long term process of transforming a 5 acre farm into an organic cornucopia. Having very little to spend up front, the desire was to set up a basic seasonal dwelling that would permit the couple to begin cleaning up the property over the course of coming summers.

The colourful patterning and simple form of the building reference a local vernacular of basic building types comprised of picker shacks, fruit stands, and utility sheds. The building is visible from a nearby highway where the checkered cladding catches the eye of summer tourists in search of fresh fruit and vegetables.

La Ville En Rose

Barcelona IaaC Festical

Design Competition Entry


“La Ville En Rose” is a digital-informational utopia triggering solipsistic revery and serendipitous discovery, where public space becomes a collectively curated affair. A pink hue is cast over the scene rendering "La Ville En Rose". Site-specific content is broadcast to all participants suffusing the real space of the urban realm with a chorus of messages, photographs and video that transcends the particularity of place and history. The mysterious rose glow intrigues passers-by, and they are invited to join the network and contribute to the collective consciousness of "La Ville En Rose," an organic urban archive that projects a halcyon light over contemporary city life. Pink is the promise of happiness.

Spearhead Huts Project

Garbaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia



In collaboration with with CMPLBA and as participating members on the Spearhead Huts Society Design Committee, we were tasked with the development of design concepts for 3 alpine huts in the Spearhead Range between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.